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The Smart Cheater - A New Breed?

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I dont understand how people see that video and dont understand why they are cheating! ;P If the image alone doesnt let you get it, pay attention to the sound.
Its not a matter of how much upgraded is the car or how good a driver is, but about the stuff you would never do, no matter what.
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gaski said:

HOLY SHIT! I haven't watched this video until now. The cheater I wrote about a few comments after this, is in the same lobby!

Moonshine Bandit! I recognized his voice, but I saw  him with a different name, "Huckleberry". 

OMFG,  what a small world... :DDD

I raced with him again, yesterday. First race, he was dead slow, finished 6th or 7th. Then in the next race (brands hatch), he switched on the magic button , jumped right to the pole from the back of the grid before we even reached the first turn. I followed him in second place as he messed up every high speed turn, but he was faster out in the gravel trap, than me on the perfect racing line.

Any time we left him (wasn't even on the minimap), after a few seconds he flew past us with lightspeed. The fucker has no shame.

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I've raced that American also. It didn't come to my attention until somebody else told me about him, and sent a youtube link proving it. He calls it brake/acceleration hack. Didn't even know it existed. I know there are hacks for almost any game, but you should think CM could filter those guys out.

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It just sounds like you are a sore loser tbh. Talk about overthinking it just because you are getting beaten. Every time I have seen anyone win they get accused of cheating and are reported. Good thing code masters never seem to ban anyone as they all seemed to be racing fairly to me. Just practice more and drive faster.
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