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F1 2016 - AI Difficulty Gap


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I feel I should join in this discussion. I had completed my career till Britain on Expert with Renault. I had 2 third place finishes and one win in Austria. In a Renault.

Did not feel satisfying at all. So restarted my career on Legend with McLaren and boy was it completely different. It is true that the tyre and quali sim programmes are insane and I was definitely getting frustrated with it. Managed to complete it in Australia, failed both in bahrain and shanghai. In Russia, the tyre programme became unrealistic. Instead of expected times increasing, my team thought it would be fun if it decreased by .100s to 0.10s every lap.

I changed my tactic for Russia. Fuel on rich and cut every corner as legally as I could. And then just managed to pass the programme. The practice sessions need a tweak if any changes are to be made to the AI.

The racing though is brilliant. Apart from Toro Rosso being a bit OP but unreliable, my Mclaren is exactly where it needs to be. Had to make some very crafty strategy calls in China and Bahrain to get 7th places in both and make the most of the SC periods in both races. However in terms of the racing, I could keep pace and defend against the top tier teams on harder tyres while being equally challenges by my direct competitors.

The AI, for racing, is the best and absolutely well balanced, IMO. Practice needs to be reworked a bit to make it representative and at least enjoyable, not frustrating.
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Runalf said:
@Lossy Will you make Ai faster in the upcoming patches and make Ai better on the first lap.

Offcourse they wont make the AI faster. If they made them faster it would suit you better I guess. But there are people who are happy with the AI speed at this moment. So if you made them faster, you will be happy but they wont.

Dont be so selfish. 
I meant Ultimate Ai,if Tiametmarduk and Pascal can win races with Manor then something is wrong.In Ben',s Career Manor is the fifth fastest team and are winning races
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I feel like I should also chip in my two cents, since I am pretty much in the same boat as the OP.

Like the OP, I think I have shrugged off the newbie tag with this game, having played a few previous versions with a G27 wheel on Playstation. 
The way that I had in mind to enjoy the game is to be able to lap slightly faster than my teammate, but only in a realistic manner such as consistently making Q2 in a Manor, Sauber or Renault. I find that only around such a point in the difficulty spectrum would provide rewarding progress on developing the car as the season progresses.

This mindset makes me want to achieve realistic results not only for single races, but also across entire seasons. Hence I have started the career mode a couple of times simply to test which level of difficulty I should be on. I started a career mode with Renault at Expert level, and completed Australia and Bahrain with this setup
I managed to achieve perfect with all development tasks in the Practice sessions without an excessive amount of effort, and qualified near the bottom of top 10. With one stop strategies that are conservative on the tyres I managed to finish 3rd for both races. Although I was still 25s off the Mercs in front, and they were lapping 1s faster per lap on average, developing the car in this scenario is not rewarding enough.

So I started the career mode again on Legend, with all the difficulties that many of described here, I simply did some more research online to see how I can make myself faster. I started using race specific setups from here:
As well as other driving tips, such as here (I already know most of it, and can apply them more or less on a consistent basis)
and also how to manage your weekend (I found personally this to be very effective)

After putting in a few more laps in time trial and exploiting further the cutting limits of each corner, I have then started anew (by this time I would have already done 200+ laps of Melbourne, combining career mode and time trial). I was able to achieve perfect for Track Acclimatization and Tyre Management after a few tries (I wanted to get maximum amount of development points), but even running the Qualifying pace task with 5 mins to go in P3 I was really struggling to pass it (1.29.3 I think), let alone getting perfect (around 1:28.7). I thought I was just slow so I went to Time trial for a few test runs, I was able to lap consistently between 1:28.5 and 1:29.0 in a Renault with the Australia specific setup. I then jumped into a Red Bull and managed to get a 1:26.5 within 5 laps, and placed just outside of the 1000th place of the global leader board (top 16%). This gave me a little confidence heading back to the career mode to give another shot, only to find in the Qualifying session that I am expected to beat KMag's time of 1:28.4! 

The race was reasonably forgiving though, I managed to make up a few places with the old trick of slicing up the inside (The AI still doesn't do it) for a few turns in Lap 1, and managed to finish 10th in the end thanks to a couple of DNFs. The racing itself was not too bad, the little train behind me was only about 3-4 cars long, containing racers like Button and Sainz who have out qualified me by more than a second. Although I was eventually passed in the end, after managing to defend at a few corners and hold them back for a few laps, I was a little surprised that they did not not try to use DRS on the main straight for the overtake.

As someone who has a full time job doing something else (the majority of us I suppose), I don't think I have the patience to put in 200+ laps for each track just to achieve this satisfaction (I know this is subjective), and I really hope that they can dial down some of the requirements by about 0.5s, otherwise there will continually be more frustration than enjoyment (I would not be the only one judging by the comments here).
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I've been having similar troubles to others and I expect many of you are similar to me in that I have no idea how to setup the car.
I found that I could save other peoples setups from the time trial mode.
Go to the leaderboard and select a name(I've just been using the fastest) and then select the option to use ghost setup. Then you can go into your own setup screen and save it.
After doing this it seems(at melbourne at least) that I am competetive with legendary AI level(Qualified 10th, Finished 4th beat Alonso in both) where I was 0.7sec slower previously.
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how is the AI programed here? only codies  can tell you if its possible to have a slider or not.
I think I read few years ago that they have special files for each dificulty for each driver, where they change behavior, like breaking late, the breakpoints, the acceleration points (for each curve by the way) or aggressivity. if so, you cant just build a slider into it.

any official thoughts?
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I have hard the same problem, the work around for me was to run the lower or the 2 difficulties but run the car on lean fuel all the time to even it up. Again, not the true solution because you can run a lighter fuel load because you can run longer, but if you keep the stock fuel then running lean evens up the gap nicely.
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if you want to be slower on purpose, just take the sandard setups =)
the problem for me is not that the AI is too fast or too slow, its the unhuman behaviour in some situations that bugs me.
and the big difference between the racetracks.
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SaabV4 said:
Have no major hopes that Codies are going to change anything, I think they deliberately made fixed levels of difficulty, a slider would just make it more complicated for the average gamers.
Well, what if they do it like what they had in their older TOCA Race Car Driver Series 2? They had Easy, medium and Hard (from memory) and on top of that they had a custom which let us set the difficulty from 50% to 110%.
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  • Codemasters Staff
The question of a slider is certainly one I will raise again. The usability / user friendliness issue last time but perhaps the continued issues with difficulty that some people are having will trump that this time around.
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I know it’s an old post but I gotta agree this is a pain in the *** !! Just like tire management is easier with less race distance % . Ai difficulty lacking of balance seems to be epidemic with most racing game nowadays. Milestone have the same dumb issue with its WSBK/MotoGP series!!
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