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Now we've (hopefully) got the patch for freezig issues on the way, how about getting some changes to the online playlist. If CMs coders are really, really, really, really adamant that the playlist can't be expanded (I would like to hear that they have at least tried it though), then there's definitely a few tracks that can be swapped for better ones in Touring at least. I will post my suggestions at some point.
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The thing that worries me if play lists are updated is the opportunity for another bug in the game :(
Me too but it would be nice to have a few extra/different tracks..... a bit more variety would be good.

  On touring I'd like to see an extra track for mini migilias... Okutama Sprint B.  For Cat C get rid of Circuit Mont Tremblant and have Indiannapolis Sports Circuit.  For Cat B change one of the Circuit Mont Tremblants to the full GP circuit.

It would also be nice to have a few more time trials in the playlist instead of just the miglia, classic touring and mini cup ones.
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Loore said:
@Loore so any possibility of changes to the playlist? If so, I'll let you have my suggestions.
Not for consoles at this time, sorry.
Care to  elaborate on that? Surely it's just a case of changing a few values in a table. Any possibility in the future?
It was looked at but the extra memory required is 'outside of budget', we don't want any more leaks :)

We never say never but it is unlikely at this time.
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I would like a technical explanation for this.  
I want to know, how much RAM the xbox 360 has, and exactly how GAS uses every last byte of it?????

All the tracks currently in the game,  Excluding the DLC ones, need to be in the playlist. 

All that needs to be done, is either change the tracks that we currently have - this wont use any more memory, 
Or add a few more of the already in game non DLC tracks, into the playlist.  

How can that take up more memory?   I can understand than it may increase the size of the game on the HDD, but thats storage, not memory.  

And we are talking kb, not mb.    Isnt the current playlist, just a txt file with some code in there?   

Comeon,   the MASTERS of the code, must be able to sort this.   Or will another patch cost you more money?

Its only the playlist and the UPGRADES that need to be sorted now.  
Dont give up now!  

But next time, take 2 years to make the game, and make a demo available before the release of the game. 
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What he said. I'd also like a full technical explanation too. It's not even kb it's just bytes. The bits of data that control the the car type and tracks for each car type will be absolutely tiny. As in a few characters each. What your devs are telling you just doesn't ring true @Loore
I assume PC users will be able to look at the file that controls the playlists. It can't be much different for consoles. Would anyone care to take a look and show us the relevant bits of the file please? You've got PC version too haven't you @RTAnoskills?
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I've been looking for an explanation for this for a while now. Especially on ps3 as the disc holds much more memory than a 360 disc. And I don't see how it would strain the ram of the machine as it isn't doing anything it isn't already, it's just a case of doing this track instead of that one etc. Grid 2 did any track any car combo so don't see why this is any different
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For me that would make the game complete and awesome. Racenet works well, the challenges are good, single player is good. This one thing just feels so limiting and as I've said before makes popular playlists feel like a demo of a game. And also look at the combos you get in party mode challenges eg miglias round spa and so on. Let it happen in playlists too. Let us play the whole game. Please. Pretty please. With a cherry on top. 
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