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Serious online bug - PC

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Hello, yesterday i encountered a strange and serious bug related to bought cars and game crashes. On the 13th i changed the club livery for our racenet club for the third time, then went on to apply the new livery to all of my 10 cars. Yesterday (the 14th) i was about to play with a friend online. I created a custom lobby, chose touring c and used my bought focus. After i finished the first race (5-race event), game froze for 3 seconds and then restarted. During the race i had noticed the car had the old club livery, not the new one, so i changed it to the correct one before creating a new custom lobby with the same settings and starting over. Once again, game froze after i finished the first race and the game restarted. Once again the livery had gone back to the old one, not the one i had changed it to previously before the game crashed. Made one more attempt (created a lobby with the same settings, game froze and restarted after the first race).

I looked at my vehicles a bit more closely and noticed several were bugged. Sell cost is $0 and i get an error message if i go to vehicle repairs. This is the case for 5 of my 10 vehicles. The 4 that i have leveled up are not affected, all 5 affected cars are those i have never used and still are at level 1. The tenth car is also at level 1 but does not have the same issues as the other 5 level 1 cars.

Just now i tried racing in the racenet challenge with my bought focus, once again the game froze and restarted after finishing the race. Note that the freezing only happens when i use cars that have the 0$-bug, all other cars don't cause any freezing. My guess is this is related to racenet club liveries. The liveries on my cars seem to randomly revert back to the old racenet club livery my club had.

Steam account: http://steamcommunity.com/id/VenGyr
Racenet account: https://racenet.codemasters.com/driver/232049

Screenshots of the my vehicles screen:


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Exactly the same for 2 of my 18 cars, both level 1, both $0 sale price, both crash the game on results screen. :/ Help. 

EDIT: Im on PS3 and my other 16 cars are fine.

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