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SC Bug in Sochi

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I had an weird Bug then  the SC was out. Massa was just very slow in after some corners and he even went off the track. So the Cars behind me and myself  couldn't catch up to the SC queue. And lost a lot of Time. I think it happend, because during the normal race he would have been laped, so maybe the AI( Massa) thought that he has to let the Cars behind him  through, but the drivers behind can't overtake because of the SC.
It's still a great Game btw.
I am playing on PC and i have the following Specs:
CPU: Intel  Core i5-3350P
GPU: Nvidia GTX 650
Wheel: Logitech Driving Force GT
OS: Win 10
Version of the Game: 1.2.0

Here is a Video of what happend:

And I also had the same Bug that Ben had in his Sochi  Carrer Mode Episode at 13:30:

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