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Formation Lap Issue

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If someone crashes into your back in the formation lap both get set back to the grid.
I think it's not fair that you get set back if someone just crashes into you?
It would be fair if you brake on purpose but if the other one is just not concentrated or something this is just not fair.

Also I wanted to ask something else.
I mean don't get me wrong, I really like the formation lap and it's a feature I wanted for years.
But please, could you introduce an option to drive on your own into your box?
There are 2 main things that make the formation lap so essential.
1.) Warming up your tyres and brakes
2.) Do burnouts on the start/finish straight and adjust your angle in the box to immediately defend the inside f.e.
In my opinion it destroys a bit of the tension when the AI takes control of your car.
I mean it works in rfactor so I'm sure Codies can do this too.
2 options would be great.
AI last corner and manual.
This is the only thing I have to complain about in the game because it is not what I expected from the formation lap :smile:

What do you guys think?
1.) Did you notice that too, that both cars get set to the grid?
2.) What do you think about the manual formation lap option as a patch/update?

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