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[PC] Multiplayer Championship - Waiting for player

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i tried to start a multiplayer championship in PC via steam with my friend but we are getting stuck on the "waiting for player" screen. 

We can only get through the race configuration if only one player gets ready and we let the 30 second timer run down. The same goes for the tire management screen. If we both ready up we are getting stuck in the waiting for player screen. 

It is always the same. The first player who presses ready doesnt get the ready Check Mark from the other one. 
Sometimes after waiting for a couple of minutes it switches to the green Box "please wait"

The problem is after finishing the training session there is no countdown. So we both have to press continue and we are getting stuck in the black screen "waiting for player". 

At first we thought it is because it was release day and a friday evening so some server issues were to be expected. Thats why we tried early on sunday morning. Still the same result. 

We both have a decent internet connection. 32 & 50 MBit. Still we have only 3 bars in the race setup screen. 
We checked our firewall settings and the game is allowed to communicate. 
Single Player career mode works just fine. 

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