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System Spec
CPU- AMD 6 core processor 
PSU - 750 Watt

WHAT happens is basically when I complete a qualifying or race session, it will change my finishing position, along with some of the other drivers too. 
For example, it was my first career race, in a McLaren. I had qualified 4th. I did not save and shut down the PC, but continued straight to the race. Strangely, while
looking at the starting grid, I had been randomly promoted to 3rd, with no driver getting a penalty above me to make this happen. Furthermore, down the grid were about 6 or 7 drivers 
who apparently did not set a qualifying time, even though I remember them doing so in the qualifying. 

Anyway, everything in the race went ok, no graphical bugs or anything. However, the same thing happened at the end. I was fighting Hulkenburg for 9th place. He just pipped me at the line, so I eneded up in 10th. Ok I thought, fair enough. But then when the race results were shown, Hulkenburg had apparently finished in FIRST, with every single driver finishing +1 LAP behind him. This is very strange, I also think this is happening on PS4 as well.  

Steps to reproduce
Just to complete the qualifying and/or race in career to see if  this happens. 

Your recent history of races 
It was the first race in Melbourne, in standard career,. Qualifying was wet, race was clear and sunny. AI difficulty was on expert. 

Which stage were you within the championship\custom event?
First race on Career 

What were you doing specifically when the crashed occurred?
No crash, just this glitch at the end of qualifying and race sessions 

How long was your current session?
A couple of hours probably 

Which graphics preset were you using?
A mix of Ultra and very high. 
Ground cover was Ultra 
Textures was Ultra 
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Same thing happened to me In Bahrain (normal career, expert, Xbox). I qualified my Haas in 15th, with my teammate Grosjean qualifying 14th. However when I started the race, Grosjean and I had each been dropped 6 positions and started the race 20th and 21st (we were never penalized). It appears that Button was also dropped from 11th to 17th, with no penalty in qualifying either. Please Fix Codemasters! Thanks!
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Thanks for replying @ldlp Its good to know that it's not just me, and not just a PC problem. Codemasters are looking into this, I saw a member of the Codemasters team say this on another post reporting the same problem. So hopefully fixed in the next patch! 
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This bug has NOT been fixed. I am experiencing this on the PC version of the game now, and it is VERY infuriating...was enjoying the game until I noticed it! Please could someone from Codemasters explain what the issue is and how it should be fixed. As per the other posters, no grid penalty or anything!
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Same problem here! Bought the game yesterday  (PS4) and in my first race in Career mode I crossed the finish with my HAAS on P9, but this resulted in a P2!!! This is very frustrating and really ruins a great game. Please fix this bug Codemasters!
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