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random crashing issue on PC when using keyboard

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i have an issue on pc where the game stops working when using a keyboard

it can happen during cutscenes or 7 laps into the race the keyboard just goes unresponsive and i have to hard reset my computer

if it happens during the race the car just goes off into a wall and maxes out the revs

not sure what the issue is here but it's obviously unplayable haven't gotten around to trying a controller yet (still have to buy one won't get it for a while)

keyboard has no issue in any other game including the two other f1 games i have (2010 and 2012)

pc meets all specs and can play the game on ultra and 4k resolution (i5 4670k 16gb ram r9 290 4gb)

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Mine does this as well, i have found some times you can recover it by unplugging the keyboard and plugging back in or using your wheel/controller then using the keyboard again (if you have one).

I have also noticed some times keys get 'stuck' on while the game is running. For example, I alt+tabbed once and started typing and the 'c' key just got stuck typing "cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc...." etc. not sure whats going on? but its stopping me from playing this game online and single player

ultimately the game crashes for me every time no matter what. tried various things like update drivers, verify game cache, reduced graphics settings etc - unplayable at the moment :-(

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