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AMS97KRR said:
Anyway, I'd be concerned If I was a Hamilton fan, you know, losing out right now in the championship. 

This is getting so boring AMS, I know you said that just to get a reaction out of me.

I'll make you an offer for the sake of the forum and our sake: Can we please stop with the digging before, during and after races? I'm tired of it. It leads to nowhere, people who come here to see what's going on have to read through the same crap over and over again and neither you or me feel good about this whole BS. Or so I assume.

Constructive criticism is ok and I will continue to say Vettel's not doing the job he is expected to do if he doesn't (as I'm sure you will once that's the case with Lewis) but blaming a driver for his brakes failing or playing the payback-card everytime, even on occasions which are obviously for pure trolling purposes is just plain dumb and unnecessary.

I'm tired of it. Are you too?

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Well, I can't be arsed to write loads about the race, but it was pretty good, nice battles everywhere, some odd decisions though not to throw a safety car. Why there wasn't one for Sutil's spin I have no idea. The marshals running over the track was very dangerous and it reminded me of that time in the 70s when Tom Pryce was hit a marshal and they were both killed. Very bad decision.

For the championship, it's still wide open and I can't wait til Hungary!

I was thinking earlier though, I think we are starting to see the next generation of the top F1 drivers. In 5-8 years time we almost certainly won't have Alonso, Raikkonen, Button or Massa. We'll still have Hamilton, Rosberg and Vettel but it seems like they'll be joined at the top by Ricciardo, Bottas, Magnussen, Kvyat, and I think that Hulkenberg and Bianchi will be there too, and then in the next 5 years I can see Stoffel Vandoorne and Felipe Nasr joining F1 too. It's exciting times!

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