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Lost in translation - Multiple errors in French version of the game

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Hey there !

First of all, I'd like to stress that I am not one to complain uselessly. This year's game is the one I've had the most fun with since 2010. I haven't had a lot of time, so I could only get a few laps in, but so far I absolutely love the immersion.

That being said, I am a native French speaker, and I use the French version of the game... which is actually full of vocabulary/grammar mistakes. I reckon that this part of production is probably handed to a "dubbing" company, but I feel it was done with Google Translate ! I have never encountered that many mistakes in previous installments of the series.

For instance, in the tire allocation tab, sets of titres are referred to as "définir X/Y"... which, in English, would be the equivalent of the verb "to set". This is the most striking example, but there are many more.

I am playing the latest version (1.1.0) of the game on Xbox One. The problem seems to be generalized in all game modes. Should you be intersted in patching some corrections in future versions of the game, and/or need assistance in spotting the mistakes and/or finding the correct translations, do not hesitate to touch base with me !


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