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Feedback: Online regions

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Hello. First of all, let me tell you that I'm totally amazed with GRID Autosport. It has been a long time since since I didn't hook up with a racing game this way. Even more, it's been a long time since I didn't plug in my racing wheel at all! Some time ago I used to play a lot of racing sims online, but due to time constraints I slowly started to stop playing; because you needed to race at specific times, and have at least one or two hours free.
At first, I thought GRID Autosport was going to have a very arcadey feeling, so I was playing it with a 360 controller. After a couple of races, I found the handling to be very wheel-friendly, and started to play with my wheel ever since.
I'm really impressed with the balance you have achieved in the vehicle handling. It includes the most important features of a full-blown racing sim, but still being forgiving enough to let you race; and still penalizing enough to make sure that the racers with the best skills finish ahead of the rest. You managed to find an excelent way to penalize on the fly players who cutted the track (and this is something that even some of the most advanced racing sims fail to detect at times); and including an impact rating was a very smart idea to sepparate players who like to crash into corners from players who like to race cleanly.

However, I have a major complain that I can't skip.
I live in Argentina, which is located in South America. The first day I tried to play multiplayer, I found absolutely no online games available. Every single option I choosed online, led me to a newly created room with just myself in it. I thought "well, it's the launch day, maybe a many people don't have it yet, or there is a problem with racenet".
The days passed, and I kept trying. The only time of the day I was able to find about 5 or 6 people online was around 3, 4 or 5 PM. And they were all brazilians. Which actually was very surprising, since I was expecting to find a lot of european and american people online. However, every single time I found people to play online with, 80% of the room was full of brazilians.
After doing some digging around, I changed the "download zone" from my Steam profile from "Argentina", to "UK - London". What a surprise it was when I joined online and found quite a few rooms full of people from all over the world.
I understand that this sepparation may be because of latency issues. However, I played quite a lot of races with european people already, and have found out that the lag prediction system you included (or at least the way you use to mitigate latency) is excellent. I didn't get any complain from anyone telling me that I hit them when I actually didn't on my screen, nor the other way round. The online experience has been extremly satisfying so far.

So, in behalf of south american players, I beg you to please reconsider this decision you took of sepparating people into regions when playing online. This is keeping a lot of people from enjoying this amazing multiplayer experience. If people have a stable connection, the online experience is pretty good even if the distance is large. If you are needing anyone living in south america to do testing, I gladly offer myself, and I'm sure many people would be really happy to help too.

Thank you for reading :)

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I personally don't mind the separation, but PLEASE make it function better in regions outside Europe and Mainland USA. Currently if I go online in Australia I am lucky if I find a single player on at the same time.

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and appart from that because the brazilians drive like shit!, I understand you i'm on ps3 and I cannot change the region like you(as i know ps3 is region free for multiplayer but it keeps being very hard to find a match) so I have to play with all those random joes who doesn't even know how to brake on a hairpin turn, obviously if I find a match where i'm not get kicked out for winning for over 30 seconds

ohh otro argentino listo men aca llueve!

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