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Comprehensive supercar category guide

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The supercar category if my favourite category in the street discipline. This guide will feature a video showcasing all the 6 supercars with their lap times posted as well as highlighting the best and worst stats for you to decide which car to buy in Multiplayer for the supercar category. I also want to break the stereotype being painted in some of these cars.

Setup used
I used keyboard and all assists are turned off except ABS. Upgrades on all these 6 cars are the weight reduction upgrade only. Experience and performance might differ with different setups, upgrades, tuning and assists.

Video Run


Track is Circuit of the Americas, GP Circuit because it has a overall mix of straightways and low, medium and high speed turns. It is also my favourite track.
Automatic transmission is used in the Viper, Furai and One-77 run while manual transmission was used in the MP4-12c, Huayra and SLS AMG.

Times achieved:
1:56.756 - Aston Martin One-77 (video 2)
1:56.318 - Mclaren MP4-12c (video 2)
1:55.959 - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Black Series (video 2)
1:55.947 - Pagani Huayra (video 1)
1:55.311 - Mazda Furai (video 1)
1:55.174 - SRT Viper GTS (video 1)

In the next section features the good and bad stats. They are not arranged in any order.

The Good
Best acceleration: Viper, One-77, SLS AMG
Best brakes: Viper, Furai, SLS AMG
Best car at turning into corners: Viper, Furai, Huayra
Best traction at exits: Viper, Furai, Huayra
Most stable car at low speed: Viper, Huayra
Most stable car at high speed: Furai
Most fun car: MP4-12c
Easiest car to drive: Huayra, Furai

The Bad
Worst acceleration: Furai, Huayra
Worst brakes: One-77
Worst car at turning into corners: One-77
Worst traction at exits: One-77, MP4-12c
Most unstable car at low speed: SLS AMG
Most unstable car at high speed: MP4-12c
Most drift dependent car: MP4-12c
Most unpredictable car to drive: Viper, Furai, SLS AMG

I hope this guide will help you in finding out each car's strength and weakness and the car that suits your driving style. However it is up to the player's skill to get the best out of the car they are driving.

Feel free to discuss, ask questions or add more "stats" that I am missing out.
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