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Issue (1) in TV POD OFFSET settings / Issue (2) in the Game Renderization!

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My PC:
Gtx 770 2 GB;
Core i5 4690;
16 GB RAM;
Windows 10 updated; 
Monitor Resolution: 2560x1080p (21:9)

Obs.: I can play a race in 60 fps constantly because in this part, the game in fine optimized
(High Graphics)

I edit Camera Movement (to enable wobbling) in TV POD OFFSET and don't work... Just in this camera that don't work.

Fix it!

When, for example,
you will start a time trial session,
and the game comes in the garage screen,
where the driver inside the car,
and all the staff around working,
You can see the game is still rendering,
as the hands of the pilot, earning texture,
beyond the legs as well.
Until ends to be rendered and is fine.

Fix it!

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