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[Bug Report] Helmet Graphical Glitch when using a maxed out Black

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So, I tried to make this real badass super black (and purple) helmet and guess what?
The dark black on the helmets (multiple designs that enable a dark black on the top/back head, in all cars, all tracks and all gamemodes) causes a wird graphical bug to the helmet.
You see the wheel, carbon textures, asphalt etc. instead of the helmet. You see that below.

This does not happen on helmets that don't have a "full" black when you move the saturation full right and luminance full left. Some are rather grey then and don't have this bug.

What causes this bug? Maybe the color code 0,0,0? (dividing by 0: breaking math?)

i5-4690k @4,6ghz
Gtx 960 2GB SSC
144hz monitor on 120hz (due to the loading screen bug)
16GB Ram
Windows 10
Geforce Driver 372.54
Midle to high graphic settings (maybe secialize that later) (bug happened on all graphic settings I tried so far)

Below some pictures, including one possible helmet design that causes this bug for me. Maybe someone can try to reproduce that.

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