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Welcome Back GRID Fans

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Hello (here's hoping a CM staff will read this),

Roughly how many hours will the single-player campaign take? By which I mean, to 100% it and obtain all cars etc.

I ask because I bought Grid 2 after reading the reviews, but finished it in a couple of days and traded it back in for something else, I like my racing games to have a bit of meat on them. I play the F1 campaigns, for example, on the longest career length.
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Good to be back :-) I appreciate very much how things are communicated and how Codies even made a public apology for the "mistakes" they made with GRID2. Not a lot of companies do that these days -> admitting you are wrong! A +1 for that Codies. That also restored faith that Codemasters are going back to what they do best -> Genius at Play!

All in all a very positive and fresh start! Keep it up guys and you will put back the posters in my bedroom ;)
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Yea, I have to acknowledge the team for that too. I have been critical of them but it really is only driven from my passion I have had with the earlier Codemasters racing games. Here's hoping Grid:Autosport lives up to what we are currently seeing, 
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