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Grid Autosport Nvidia Surround / Eyefinity bezel correction / scaling glitch


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I have found an odd glitch with Grid Autosport.

I have three 42 inch tvs and one 27 inch monitor above the center screen in my simpit. I run the game in either 5760x1080 or 5840x1080(bezel corrected). This setup and resolution works fine without any problems on any other game including grid 2, f1 2013, dirt 2, dirt 3 ,etc...


The problem is that when I run the game in 5840x1080 or 5760x108 with my 4th screen disabled (in windows, I also have second screen in game disabled), the games renders each screen as if it is zoomed in a little which makes the game look crappy (like lower resolution) and you lose ALOT of the game between each screen. Waaay more than you get with bezel correction. It doesn't have this problem if I run it at a much smaller resolution like 3840x720, or a standard resolution like 1920x1080.

If I enable my 4th screen, and still have second screen disabled in-game, then the game renders correctly, and everything looks crisp and beautiful. No other game I have does this.

Please fix as this is a big problem, and I have seen others with weird bezel correction problems as well...

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Well the newest patch has NOT solved the problem, nor has Nvidias newest drivers.

A temporary fix that I have found for me... is to change the refresh rate to 30 hz. The problem will still be there, but when I change it back to 60hz, then the problem is gone! I have to do this everytime I start the game.

Again, if I have a 4th screen enabled, then the bezel correction is fine.

Please fix this Codies!

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Apologies for the slow response on this one.

I have just submitted a fix for the bezel correction issues - it needs to go through QA, but if they don't find any problems with the fix, it will be due out in an upcoming patch.

I'm not sure if it will also fix the strange second screen issues you were seeing, but I'm hopeful that it will!

We'll let you know an expected date once QA have tried their best to break it :)

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