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DIY handbrake wiring mod guide for G29 (or ?G920)

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As it was the amazing Dirt Rally game that inspired me to figure this out, it seems right to me that I share this here in their forums.
This is for anyone with a G29 (or G920 as the internals are similar) who is interested in modding in an ON/OFF handbrake. I have just finished mine and posted a guide video on youtube to help people DIY.
The difference in immersion when using a handbrake (even a non-analog one) is amazing while playing Dirt Rally and I'm sure it will be nice in other driving games (when I get around to playing them) as well.
The idea is that you will tap into your choice of an  L/R 2 or 3 (not 1 as they are the paddle shifters) button of the PCB on the wheel. It involves the use of a solder and hot glue gun to do it properly but I think it's well worth the effort if you are like me and don't have the spare money  to upgrade to a Thrustmaster/Fanatec setup and would actually like to use it on the PS4 at some stage..

So here it is for anyone interested.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfUdMTWI9rM
It's a bit rough (my first ever attempt at a video) but I think it will help those interested.

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