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RaceNet Challenge Always Crashing [XBOX360]


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Platform: Xbox 360
Location: RaceNet Challenge (Touring Car)
Problem:  Allows the event to complete and uploads my time to RaceNet.  Shows the level increase and bankroll increase.  Then hits black screen with 'Loading' icon bottom right and hangs.  It's happened 6 times exactly at the same spot, forcing a hard reset each time.  Bankroll and levels reset to prior level before event.

Touring car (Cruze) purchased for 200k, unraced online, level 1 car.  Also notice the achievement 'Here are the keys' has not been awarded.

Any more details required, let me know.

Hope someone can help and we can get this fixed asap.

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Update:  I thought it might be that you needed to run at least one race with the purchased car, so I decided to bounce into a touring car playlist.  Interestingly, after the race which I used the Cruze and the finishing positions were shown -- the game crashed again. 

I also purchased the Mini Cooper John Works and run this weeks Street circuit -- and exactly the same thing happens there -- it hangs on the 'Loading' screen, exactly like the Cruze.

I've fully completed the Career mode and all the offline achivements, but now the game is rendered useless for online play.

Please can someone give some advice, ask questions or have a look into this.


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