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2016 NICOHITSLEWISLOL Belgium Grand Prix


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The way Verstappen is defending is the same way that I do against the AI on the F1 games.

If I'm racing other players I give more space and don't defend like a twat.

The other drivers will end up doing it back to Verstappen I'd guess, then he'll either moan about it, or he'll see why and stop doing it himself.
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His comment after the race about defending extra hard against the Ferrari's because of turn one just highlights it all for me. He needs to grow up because he quite clearly isn't mature enough for F1 if he thinks crap like today was okay. Sounded just like the average 18 year old on a racing game saying that...
When Kimi is being vocal about something you know to listen since he never speaks.
I'm all for exciting driving and he has showed he can do it but today was stupid. Stupid move up the inside at turn one, sure Seb should have left more room in hindsight but then he obviously didn't think anyone would be stupid enough to dive up the inside like that. Then barging Kimi and Sergio off the track (good on Perez for not letting him back passed) and then the swerving on the straight against Kimi... And not even a warning?
Magnussen did something similar to a lesser extent in 2014 and got penalised for it. Rosberg did it to Max in Germany and got a penalty and Max was vocal about the move... yet does it worse himself and gets away with it?... Stupid.
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