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In-Car Camera(s) - LOOKING BACK!?!

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All good...don't really mind the blurred out thing...the dials and instrumentation are all eye candy. Would it be nice if they were perfectly rendered? Sure...but, it is not by any means a deal breaker for me persoanlly.

That said....

The lack of functional mirrors could be overlooked IF there was a 'look-back' button - of which unless I am mistaken - there is not. This is a killer IMHO, I have NO IDEA where cars are...if I am about to side-swipe someone, or put myself at risk on a tight turn/hairpin etc.

White arrows simply don't cut it.

Its one thing to cut someone off in SP...but I can see how this would and will be a major issue in MP. Why can't a button on the remote provide a view of what's behind you so that a proper defensive move can be executed whilst it not being at the expense of seeming like a dirty move. As it stands I could be turning in at the worst possible time after over-braking with an opponent on my tail and have NO IDEA I am doing so.

I am all for cutting corners (metaphorically speaking) to include this camera view in the game, but the omission of a viable means by which to properly assess traffic in the rear seems like a fatal flaw on so many levels, especially when it comes to maintaining some form of racing eticut or integrity while in MP sessions.

Come on CM - get this done in your next patch - features like this were available on early launch titles on the original Xbox and PS...

Everything else about this game is air tight - but this inability to look back I cannot get 'down' with.


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Look at your controller setup. There are actually TWO look back functions. If you're on controller, most likely the right analog-button pushed back is... surprise... looking back! :D
AND you can add another button to lock back. For me it is X on the x360 controller, but I think I changed it to that.

And a virtual rear view mirror is already confirmed for the upcoming patches. ;)
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Damn...I do deserve to stand in the corner on this one...sorry gents...only picked up the game a few days ago, and I overlooked the obvious. Happy to report I have pulled my head out of my butt and I am enjoying racing now lololololol

If mirrors are confirmed for the next patch than I will consider that a major win...I would have been o.k with just the look back button (clearly, after my silly rant above...lol).


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