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RaceDriver: Grid won't play 5760x1080 (have log)


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I bought Race Driver: Grid from Steam but it just gives a blank screen when I try to have it run surround either in

native                   5760x1080 or
bezel correction    5850x1080
When I followed this instruction


I was however, able to get the game running in 1920x1080 when I followed these Instructions


16g ram
2  GTX 660ti Super-clocked edition  3gb
I5 3570
3 Asus vg24ahmonitors
Windows 8

I tried posting it on the regular support forum but its not working for me the same as it wasn't for this guy

Thank you for your help

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Issue Solved, Window's 8 doesn't like running this game with bezel correction, had to switch back to multiple displays then back to surround on the nividia control panel for it to work. It will stop working if i switch for bezel correction unless i switch back a forth from multi to surround screen again.

Credit to NoData on Steam Community forums for the Assist.

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