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[PC Help] No longer able to map throttle to my HPP gas pedal


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Although I can still map brake and clutch to their HPP counterparts, I can no longer assign throttle to my gas pedal. Only GA appears affected, and my usual cold reboot remedy has no effect. Nor did exchanging USB ports. All three pedal axes actuate properly in Windows 7 controller settings (or whatever its called), and I can map the throttle to other inputs (e.g. CSW buttons).

I'm not sure if GA has been patched since launch week, but adding the CSW Universal Hub (plus accompanying driver/firmware update) is the only hardware change I've made in the interim, and that works fine.

After posting about this in the Race Department forums, I've since learned that at least one other HPP owner has the same problem.

I'm pretty new to PC sims, and Windows in general, so I may be missing the obvious, and any suggestions would be humbly appreciated.


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I have registered here to tell you that I am experiencing the exact same issue as you.

All 3 pedals in my HPP setup used to work fine with my Clubsport Porsche GT2 wheel. But I upgraded to a Clubsport Wheel Base and now the throttle is not recognised in game. Like you it is fine in Windows and all other games.

Now, admittedly this game is not the first one I tried with the new wheel base I purchased and I think a patch came out inbetween. So really I can't say for sure whether or not it's the new base or the new patch that is causing me the issue. My CSW base is driver version 200.


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