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XBox One - P2 Finishes P1 and All drivers down a lap

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Hi Guys,

Playing on XBox One
Career Mode - Haas, Roman Grosjean is teammate
Expert Difficulty
No assists with the exception of automatic gearbox
Gamepad (no wheel)
50% Race
Full Qualifying
Full Practice
Track - Canada

Strange bug....

Qualified P1 (thanks to some changing conditions in qualifying)
Lead most of the race, with about 10 laps to go when Kimi Raikkonen caught up to me on a softer tire. Couldn't hold him off for long. He passed and sailed into the distance.
Daniel Ricciardo caught up to me, and I was able to hold him off for the last few laps. Last lap, he was able to get a better run out of the final chicane, and barely beat me to the line (by about half a front wing).


Daniel Ricciardo - P1
Kimi Raikkonen - P2 + 1 Lap WTF? We were on same lap... and he was leading
Myself - P3 +1 Lap - Again on same lap
Max Verstappen - P4 + 1 Lap - Again on same lap
rest of field was +1 lap.
I tried to get video of the replay, but waited forever to get to the end of the replay, then just went a bit too far and it went back to the start of the replay, but I did manage to get a screenshot of the results page. See attached.

Happy to help in any way I can if I'm missing any needed info.



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