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Black screen

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Black screen
1. happens in all game modes
2. singleplayer
3. Australia, Bahrein, Baku, Russia
4. Torro Rosso
5. Drivers are updated
6. http://pastebin.com/XkrpzPuV
7. No issues on other games (like f1 2015)
8. Happens almost every free practice and time trial.

The screen will be all black except for the HUD and sometimes it shows 20% of the actual screen
I can fix this by using alt tab, when I return the screen will be all white for 2 seconds and the problem is fixed then, but i have to do this almost every lap..
I have tried running different resolutions, running without Geforce experience (wichs brings me to another problem; I have to force 120HZ in windows in order to have a session setup screen, running @ 144hz will freeze the session setup screen)


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Same here. The screen starts to fill in like black ink pouring across the view. If I hit ESC, the menu will come up...completely unaffected by the blackness behind it. 
I also set my refresh rate to 120hz and have not seen a repeat... yet. 

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