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F1 2014 Mid November Release?

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mmpaw37 said:
Tourgott said:

I'm actually losing my interest in the F1 series.

You and me both m8!

Me too. Every year since the beginning theres so many excuses! Heck only d.l. in USA last year. This year absolutely NOTHING.... pics? videos? Any posts from the big guys? Just more excuses. Project cars can't get here any quicker!

Me  as well but not down to the fact that there's no info on the new game. But more down to how the last couple of games have been really. 2012 was very good from a racing point of view unlike 2013 but the career mode is pretty stale at the moment in both games and needs something in it to inject new life. I think if they add a few new things to career mode then maybe the series can be saved but the game does need a new lease of life really.

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the only issues are codemasters internal issues not fom/fia.  .maybe  its time a new developer was offered the chance to develop a f1 game as codemasters have gone stale, dont give information and theres a wiff of disrespect

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It would be nice if CM released Hockenheim, Red Bull Ring & Sochi as DLC tracks for F1 2013. 

I'm sure there's lots of people who enjoy playing races in-game along with the real F1 season, that would be better than start playing a season in F1 2014 when the real season is almost over.

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Kptk92 said:

I look at Grid Autosport and how surprised I was to see the game was releasing pretty quickly after announcement, so I'm still hopeful of a similar release date to previous years.

not only that but it's turned out to be a high quality game as well. Granted there are some issues which are to be expected but it's a much better product than Grid 2

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