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Load & delete button in custom MP wrong


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Hi codies

I had the best racing experience yesterday with my friend in MP, I ever had in a f1 game. This game is so outstanding! Thank u! I ffound a little bug, that cost me a safe file. In the multiplayer "safe/laod lobby options" screen, the buttons for load and delete are swapped. If I press "load", the game asks me, if I want to delete the chosen save file. By pressing "delete", the chosen safe is loaded. 

1.       What game mode where you in Career/Quick race/Time Trial etc

Multiplayer, custom race, create own custom lobby

3.       What track where you racing on

Australia & hockenheim 

4.       What Team and Driver where you using

Happens wwith all teams & drivers 

5.       Have you updated your hardware drivers to the latest versions


6.       Can you provide us with a DXDIAG from your PC

No nneed to 

7.       Do you have any issues on other games


8.       How often does the issue occur


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