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I don't really know where to say this but:

In french version, when you do + 00.300 sec you hear; "you're almost at best " while the little arrow is green

But when you do - 01:xxx sec, wich means you are better than your previous time by 1sec you ear: " It's a mean time" and the little arrow is purple

And what I ask is: It is possible that it's an error on the dialog order, or it's normal and even in english it's the same dialogs.

It might be incorrect translation due to my poor english.

edit : in fact after review it a little :  it's like the same dialog than when you do + 00:500 and the arrow is red !

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That's no issue with the french version, english has the same. The sector times always refer to you best set time, while the messages seem to refer to your previous lap. Makes no sense at all. In fact it should refer to the overall best split times and not even just to your best lap.

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