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monster racers recruiting. (1st in leader boards) ps3

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hi all, i am team principal for monster racers, we currently have 51 members and we are 1st/2nd in the leaderboards, we have a very diverse group of members from various countries and backgrounds, all are accepted and welcomed, we have just 2 rules. they are to play fair and don't cheat, and to wear club livery whenever possible.recruitment is set to open so jump on racenet and join up. we meet up every night for a laugh, we have fun and do all different disciplines, ideally i would like to have a monster racers room for every discipline in the game so that our members can easily find there favorite cars.

we race on ps3

i hope to see u all on the track. 

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SVENOS said:

Yeah all are accepted. Thats laughable. What if TRP_SVENNI joins? Would you kick him out of your lobby even if he is a member?^^

i apologise if u felt aggrieved, i only kick people from my lobby in order to make room for members attempting  to join. i always apologise and explain on my mic before i kick anybody. and for the record i beat u on 3 of the 5 races as did 2 of my team mates.

however if u want to have a hissy fit every time, ill kick u for fun just so u can send me snotty messages on psn and troll me accross forums.

basically grow up and stop crying.

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firstly, if u r a cheat u would get kicked from the club as we dont accept cheats in our club, secondly ur making stuff up to troll me just like u tried to on ps3t,

by the way 1 of ur club mates joined my room yesterday to thank me for the posts i have put up on ps3t about fixing the game save corruption. so despite your trolling attempts even ur team mates respect me,

i think ur trolling me simply because your jealous of my club, and i suggest u do not try to join my room as u will be instatly kicked as i will not have everybody in the room subjected to the torrent of verbal abuse u attempt to throw at me.

ps we have 32 members so yeah we often have 1 to 2  full rooms.

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I didnt troll you in any way. You are trolling around with your messages. You are just another one who hate people if they are faster than you.

EDIT: I know what you will say now  that you have faster team members and that I troll you (even if I dont write to you) and so on..

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monster227 said:

if ur not a troll, how come, u invaded my post and told people not to join my club?

i dont hate anybody, and i never accused u of being a cheat, especially as i beat u.

Where did I write that?

Maybe you dont say it but your team members. I know that race where I was racing the Supermodified Civic and you all the Subaru where one of your team member said I drift through the corner he is cheating blabla and yes I was sliding THIS ONE CORNER because I touched the curb and the car was oversteering and if you watch a replay of yourself driving a rear wheel drive it looks like you drift. I swear!

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That's silly. kicking people to make room for your own members. thats just unfair and you have no respect.

I am a manager of a team and we don't kick non  team members from lobbies just to make space for team mates. You back out to party screen, invite them in to the group lobby and and start a new custom lobby or enter a new playlist. kicking and discriminating for that reason is just wrong!

You should be ashamed! 

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