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Z5 Gaming recruiting players! [PC, EU]


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Hello drivers!

let me introduce myself: I'm Zeus, owner and founder of Z5 Gaming. Been managing Z5 for 1+years now, coming back from managing various esports teams in starcraft and LoL. Z5 is now going community, this means we will play social and fun games, focus on the social aspect of them, and grow with new clans and teams joining from different games under the Z5 badge.

Our focus is now going towards The Crew and Grid Autosport, both driving games. In Grid, we will be running a club, mainly taking on inhouse racing and participating in leagues organized by other teams. We can also start organizing our league in the future and stream them.

All skills are accepted, you need to have good knowledge of english and have a microphone for teamspeak 3. 

If you're interested, put an application here (you will need to register first on enjin): http://zeus5.enjin.com/membership

Website: http://zeus5.enjin.com/

email: zeus5gaming@hotmail.com

Racenet Club: 

Cheers :)


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Racenet Club: https://racenet.codemasters.com/grid-autosport/club/5024/zeus5-gaming
Steam: robinzeus5

Come join the fun, we will start organizing club events and participate in leagues in the future. Hardcore and casual players are invited to join.

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