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Here is my website. http://www.rpmphotography.co.nz/

I haven't been out to that many rallies lately, I need to get out more often. Here are a few cars that have been featured in the Dirt series of games.

Rod Millen's Pike Peak Celica

Rod Millen's Tundra

Group B Audi Quarto S1



Hillclimb cars.

My Cars :)

My 1975 Hillman Avenger

My 1972 Chrysler Valiant Charger

And lastly my 1980 Chrysler Avenger rally car. (You can see where my forum name comes from, I used the number 76 because that was the year Andrew Cowan won the Rally of New Zealand in a Hillman Avenger)

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Yeah that makes perfect sense making a separate thread, the other one was getting a bit off topic.

Thanks. That Celica was one of my favourite cars in Dirt 1. It was really awesome to see a New Zealand car in a rally sim. Dirt 1 had an amazing car list, the Tunrda was also there. I used to love the Hillclimb Unlimited class in Dirt 1, I pretty much loved all of the cars in that class, The Suzuki Escudo was amazing. We used to have a New Zealand hillclimb called the Silverstone Race to the Sky, which was like the New Zealand version of Pikes Peak, and Monster Tajima in the Suzuki Escudo and Rod Millen in the Toyota Tundra would battle it out each year. Sadly one of New Zealand's greatest rally stars, Possum Bourne was killed in an accident during the recce run in the 2003 Race to the Sky. the event continued for another 5 years but stopped in 2007. I would love to see more of that kind of hillclimbs in Dirt 4. I used to do a lot of hillclimbs myself and it is a very fun form of rally.

Anyway back to the pictures.

This here is the proper way to take a corner in a Group B rally car :) Ass hanging out and at full opposite lock.

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Thanks. I did tons of work on my '75 Avenger. I swapped over all my suspension from my rally car and it has a hotted up 1500 with dual dellorto sidedraft carbs. I also put a 5 speed sierra box in it. All the fiberglass is custom made, I have a fiberglass boot, bonnet, chin spoiler and flares. The Avengers are only 850kg stock so with all the fiberglass it is pretty light and agile. They make great rally cars.

I run the Avenger forum in New Zealand so I have a full build thread over there. http://www.avenger.co.nz/forum/index.php?topic=13.0

Here is a video of it on the dyno. 86.8hp and 82.8 lbf-ft of torque at the wheels.


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Azoresst said:
I don't know If I can post this here, but do you recognize him? :P

I think I recognise him from somewhere... ;)

One from me from the first round of the British Rallycross Championship held a couple of weeks back...

...got to upload the rest when I have finished sifting throught them: will add some more pictures if anyone wants to see more. :)


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789ifyz said:
tbtstt said:
789ifyz said:
is it ok to post these here?

I can't see any pictures? 
Neither can I! They were there when I posted, but a few hours later they disappear. This has happened to 2 other posts I've made. I'll try just posting the link instead.

@tsbtt, that's strange. They've shown up again when I quoted the earlier post. Wonder if they're still here whenever someone else takes a look.
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