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Qualyfing Tyres issue


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I 'll do a carreer mode. The last 3 week ends I look that the AI and my car start the race with a different tyres used in Q2
I did Q2 in Austria with Super Soft tyres and when I start the race and manage the race strategy , I got the soft tyres as first stint and not super soft, and i have to change the strategy for to use
Super soft as first stint and soft as second stint, anso I look  AIs start with different compound where they passed the Q2 and arrive in Q3
I want to ask if one of them have got this things because it's a very bad things on tyres strategy and different from the F1 regulations.
I know  when you qualy in top 10 you cannot change the tyres compound for the fist stint of race and you must use the tyred that you got the fasted lap in Q2
so I did the fasted lap in Q2 with Super soft and I must to start the race with Super soft , cause i qualy in 5th position also...
looking to have an answer to that because the game it's really fantastic but this thing make me  some disapointed because it's not really as a reality.
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