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Relentless Racing League Sign Ups - NO ASSIST LEAGUE (XBOX)

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Hello guys,

We are looking for drivers to race in our league. We want fast, clean and respectful drivers who love to compete and would consistently turn up to races every week. We are entering our 3rd season of league racing and we hope to build the community we have currently even more. Our league is on Tuesday nights at 8:00pm. We run no assists and strict rules because we wanted some of the most committed and highly skilled drivers in our league who are willing to put in the effort to compete with others on track! THIS COULD BE YOU!

We have a website: www.relentlessracingleague.com.
This will be updated every week when the league season starts. If you are interested, check out the website which has the full details about the league. Message RRL Fangio, Rapidz F1 or Burnout F1 on Xbox as well. We will be running the full race calendar of 21 races, starting at Australia with the finale at Brazil. If you are interested, please could you let us know below with your gamertag on Xbox so we can test your pace and how clean you are. We also have a twitter account @RRLRacing which we encourage many drivers to connect with us it is a good and easier way of interacting and getting the latest news to all our drivers! So if you are interested and end up being accepted into our league, we recommend that you connect with us through twitter even if you don't have an account!

Thanks guys and we hope to see some of you on track!

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