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Ideas for F1 2017 and beyond


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A few thing's I would like to see for F1 2017 @Lozzy @Britpoint
  • Backround infrastructure for Xbox one users so we can have custom lobby browser similar to the guy's on Playstation 4
  • To address what some people going to have with Formula 1 if you have a Playstation 4 Pro or Xbox scorpion console
  • Most of the stuff in F1 2016 the career mode with a few little nuggets added in (I don't mean chicken) for example race starts from the pitlane (you know where you have to wait for the grid to get to the first corner before the light goes green) for being naughty in qually or changing rear wing levels and camber settings only between qually and the race during the countdown before the race start)
  •   Manual Pit stops exactly like F1 2010
  • Various other things like debris the visible racing line over the course of the race. Stormy weather we get to see bolts of lighting similar to project cars red flags and race restart during a race etc
  • Various Helmet skin packs (Helmet skins v1.0) you can purchase Pre made helmets from past F1 games or extra designs you can choose from
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What about Drivers Changing the Teams at the  end of the season like in real life? 

Or that youngsters come in to the F1 and replace old ones. If you play the career mode over 10 years it could not be that Alonso and Button are still driving.^^ 

Why never goes damage the motor or anything else? Or an error at the pit stop ?

Why the safety car only gets out 1 times? If you drive in Monaco there can be 4 accidentes and only at the first goes out the safety car.

At the F1 2010 we had interviews in the game which was pretty well. Is there any chance to get this again? 

Be a Pro Mode? In Games like Nhl or Fifa we know the Be a Pro mode. What about be a pro in F1?
You could go over Formula 3 and Gp2....

Be a GM mode- What about a GM Mode for leading a Team an decide how the drivers have to drive. 

Well. I hope some points will be realice at the new game. 

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To me, the only really important thing F1 games need is better AI. More fight in overtake situations (and not only in Ultimate but for everyone), less ghosting, better strategy (not pitting just at the end or just after a safety car, for example) and a more intelligent Jeff.
I know these things are difficult, but I really think they are way more important that any cut-scene or replay.
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Reub09 said:
I know there is far bigger issues than tiny aesthetic things like this but the game would look and feel a lot more realistic with baggy gloves like that leaked image of F1 2015
That leaked image looked impressive, always wondered why the game didn't end up like that. (Before anyone has a go at me the graphics for 2015 were great but there seemed to me to be something different about that image that was even more realistic.)
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What F1 2017 really needs:

An exciting highlight reel at the end of each race

Imagine you JUST cross the finish line, taking your white knuckles off the controller, and finally exhale. Then you see images flash by and all of the cool highlights with flashy angles of the race accompanied by upbeat music with Crofty and Davidson yelling in excitement a RealTime commentary of overtakes and crashes, etc. 

I think that would be an amazing experience to re live your race as one of those race highlight compilations with commentary as you'd see on TV, "Oh! He's going to the outside! What a pass!!" then cut to the next angles, etc. 

Then, after the quick 1 minute montage, we see the race results and podium celebration.

Now THAT would get everybody wanting to finish a race and it would keep the new/casual gamer more interested and excited. 

*This would only be offline because I'd assume it would be imossible that have that in an online race
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I would like to see more realistic Ai. When you crash, sometimes they just ram into you, and then other drivers ram into them. Sometimes when you crash, the wheel breaks off but gets stuck inside the nose of your car... I know it's a tiny thing but it is really annoying.
I would also like to see the safety car more often as when there is a massive pileup involving 6 cars, there is just a virtual safety car. Otherwise, love the game, so much fun
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These are some ideas that I would love to see in an ideal game:
Career Mode:
  • NBA 2K style player customisation
  • Helmet customisation, with option to add sponsors related to selected team
  • Ability to change helmets for special race (i.e. Home Gran Prix or Monaco)
  • Ability to share custom helmets (Mostly aimed at PC, but could be implemented on XB1 and PS4)
  • Foreword, to show how you reached that part of your career, or even a lower category to work up through and try to earn a seat at a team
  • More functions for the agent, for example ask them questions like how is my current status with the team, or are there any contract offers
  • More R&D categories, i.e. Brakes, Suspension, Reliability
  • A more realistic R&D system which takes more than one race to achieve, i.e. a part can be tested at a few weekends before it is put on the car itself
  • Laps to grid before formation lap
  • Better transition from formation lap to race
  • More pit lane control
  • Different engine modes
  • More engineer options, i.e. how is my engine wear looking
  • Engine wear 
  • Realistic penalties for engine components, gearbox
  • Ability to start from the pit lane if you crash out in qualifying or want to make set-up changes
  • Free choice of tyres from compounds available
  • Practice starts
  • Better damage model, or make the current one more consistent
  • Parade lap back to Parc Fermé
  • Custom celebrations like in a Call of Duty game in the end of match screen
  • Realistic Trophies
  • Realistic Trophy room
Game Modes:
  • Scenario Mode
  • Custom Career Mode (choose track order)
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Here are some ideas from a league racers perpective

  • Contact Model:  It is way too artipicial. Cars are glueing together and spinning out, please make it more realisitc in terms of impact implications
  • Spectator Cams needs to have much more information on them like: positions of all drivers, race times, penalties added. This should be applied to repley cams aswell
  • Dedicated Servers: Let's face it. With a P2P online there will be always lag and glitches, so a server browser would be really welcomed.
  • More Player Freedom: i think as much as possible should be in the hand of the player. Pit limiter, slotting into the grid position and safety car restarts should be all done by the player without AI support.
  • More Sim Physics cores: Things like proper Track evolution, marbles,  and debris that can hurt your tyres would be great to see :dizzy:

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Here's my list for 2017 offline, as online can and really should be a separate issue.

1. Mechanical Failures, for both the player and the AI. To expand on this I'd like to see a diversity of failures, whether it be a complete engine blow up or an ERS problem, etc. Something that can at any point influence the race and possibly force a retirement. It doesn't have to always be on, but I'd love the option as it would make a good result so much sweeter and a DNF hurt as it should

2. Red Flag / Improved SC logic. The red flag does need to be introduced in some instances, and the safety car logic and VSC logic needs a lot of work.

3. R&D Tweaks. The system in place was a good first effort but it needs more work. For example you shouldn't be able to update consistently every weekend. I'd like to see points harder to acquire, take longer to apply and have the potential of failing. That and maybe another category for development and I think it would be good. 

4. Pre-Season Test. Major part of the season that isn't represented. Would love to start the season off in Barcelona getting the feel of the car and gathering a ton of information for the team prior to Australia

5. Improve the Damage and Tyre Model. I think you should be able to get a puncture running over debris, and in addition the damage model could use a bit of tweaking if its possible, I know you guys are rather limited there.

6. Greater Track Evolution. I think the track does improve significantly in this game, but the marbles should have a greater influence on the lapped cars struggling, and be a little more noticeable. 

7. More interactive feeling. Again F1 2016 was a good first step into the world of F1 but I wouldn't mind doing a mini driver's press conference before the weekend if my driver is relevant and hearing the national anthems when I win. The rivalry/standing within the team needs some tweaking too as I don't think after the 1st weekend the team should be pissed off at you if you don't have a good opening round. 

8. More control of the car both in the pits and lining your car up on the grid. I like the steps the game took this year, just a little more would make it perfect.
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My ideas for F1 2017 and beyond:
• Braking point ‘line’: just an extra option for the racing line which indicates the braking point, not where you have to lift off or a direction. This is just an extra step for players learning to go without the racing line and there’s not really a reason to not have it as an option.
• Social media: A lot of sports games are doing this and from my experience it’s a nice touch for the immersion as a star driver.
• Interviews like in F1 201 but maybe more sporadically. The questions should also have more variety and there should be follow-up questions depending on your answer.
• Red flag
• The option to change your helmet design
• Picture mode/free camera in the replays
• Rubber building up on the track over the course of the weekend.
• Statistics
• A rating system
• Rivalry system overhaul
The last three things need a lot of explanation, so I made a separate thread on those.
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F1 2016 is a VERY good shot, after disappointing 2015 and 2014.
Nonetheless, there are frustrating points in this 2016 which can be improved in future F1 game :smiley: :
- AI. Way too much aggressive and imperturbable during collisions, or slowing down suddenly in some corners when outside of the line...
- Graphics : these can be much improved in my opinion, especially in multiplayer
- LAN multiplayer
- Punctures when going through debris on the track

I don't see what to add, honestly. 2016 version is really good even with these possible improvements.
Please Codemasters, don't remove anything that makes force of the 2016 version !

Thanks a lot CM :wink:
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Automated Online Race Weekends!

Every Saturday on a specific time of the day, a track would automatically be elected and anyone could try a certain amount of laps to qualify for the race (your previous time trials wouldn't count, only what you could do on that specific day).

On sunday, the official race would start with the 22 best timed racers that were online. The race would have random weather and full lap count. All the other players could watch the race live and chat.

An all-time leaderboard would be shown with podiums for every weekend.

This can help turn this game into a serious competitive e-sport!
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To finish the game... unlike F1 2015 and F1 2016... no more frames drops, no more tearing, finally a constant 60 fps, no more more textures that appears lately, no more pixelated screen (as on PS4), a finished game with no issue anymore...
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Just one simple feature I'd like to see is the ability to choose your race strategy at the start of qualifying.  If you know that you will be using prime tyres for the race, you know you can use up all your options in qualifying.  I have save tyres in qualifying only to find out that my saved tyres won't be used in the race.  Had I known which tyres will be preferred in the race I could have had another run and tried to improve my qualifying position.

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