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Grand Prix Manager 2001 - Brazil, Race (1 Vacancy)


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A long winter is behind us as the drivers line up for the first Grand Prix of the 2001 Formula One World Championship Season, with the two Williams-BMWs on the front row of the grid; Juan Pablo Montoya, in his first Grand Prix on pole.

The lights are on... the lights are out!

Montoya's away well, Michael Schumacher has beaten his brother Ralf off the line and is challenging Montoya for the lead into the first corner! Fabulous start by the Ferrari!

That's Olivier Panis with a magnificent start as well, he's giving Rubens Barrichello a rather hard time here. He's up to 7th by the time they get to turn 4.

Both Schumachers have had a poor couple of corners though, They have lost out to both McLaren's and Ralf is behind the Jordan of Heinz-Harald Frentzen.

Montoya maintains his lead ahead of Hakkinen, Coulthard, Michael Schumacher, Frentzen and Ralf Schumacher.

Jarno Trulli's had a pretty miserable couple of laps though; he's down in 11th and trying to get right back up to where he ought to be.

The top 8 on Lap 4:

Is that an Arrows getting a bit out of shape?

It is! Jos Verstappen loses it in front of Luciano Burti, Mazzacane has to take to the grass!

It's got Burti all hot and bothered, it's only his second Grand Prix and he's showing his inexperience with this little excursion.

Mika Hakkinen is really on a charge, he's setting fastest lap after fastest lap and is closing the gap to Montoya's Williams.

Hakkinen is making a move on Montoya!

But Montoya holds his ground; have a go later Mika!

...or maybe within the next two corners?

Have a look at this! BOTH McLarens are bearing on the Columbian!

AND YES! Hakkinen takes Montoya for the lead of the Australian Grand Prix! Can David Coulthard follow through as well?

I don't think so, but Montoya is vulnerable; Coulthard could have a mighty run at him into the first corner!

He makes the move...

But Montoya powers back around!

This is a terrific scrap! The very, very hard Scotsman is not going to leave Montoya alone.

But here's some jostling further down the field, Sauber's Heidfeld and Panis' BAR.

Oh dear, Panis has run wide! Heidfeld is sure to take the place, while Panis falls down a bit.

Montoya is having a pretty torrid time, he locks up into turn 3.

Hakkinen's pulling a nice lead over the rest of the field.

Frentzen's off the track, SynGamer won't be two happy about that...

Oh, he's pulled back on the track in front of his teammate! Never mind unhappy, SynGamer will be furious!

Barrichello's race is over, the Brazilian's bad luck continues into 2001.

Kimi Raikkonen, won't be too bothered about that though, he's in 5th position in his first Grand Prix.

Here's the standings on lap 13.

Trulli passes Heidfeld for 8th.

Fernando Alonso passes the corner for the gravel though - he's out of the race.

The gravel traps aren't too lonely today, Nick Heidfeld though he might have a look at them.

That's in front of several cars though, for sure a concertina effect will occur at turn 3...

Oh, of course.

Benetton's Giancarlo Fisichella joins Alonso and Barrichello in the showers - behave yourself, boys.

It does mean that Jacques Villeneuve has to pit for a new front wing.

Ralf Schumacher is going to have a look at Raikkonen...

Oh dear, the two cars have touched! HE'S GOING OVER!

Oh, Kimi Raikkonen! A major accident! That's a right mess of that car!

The marshals can clean up the track, but Raikkonen will have to clean out his race suit. Let's hope the Finn is alright after that one. Ralf Schumacher seems to be perfectly fine, he continues on in 5th.

Oh dear, that's Frentzen with no front wing. He's hit a bit of Raikkonen's car and will have to pit for repairs. Not a good race for the German.

Meanwhile, Michael Schumacher makes his first pit stop.

Jean Alesi and Eddie Irvine make their stops too.

As does the race leader.

Decent stop by the McLaren pit crew, Mika Hakkinen is fuelled to the finish.

The two Arrows are doing well, 12th and 11th after a number of kerfuffles further up.

Coulthard sets a fast one.

Montoya making a pit stop.

He comes out right in front of Michael Schumacher.

Coulthard leads, but he's yet to make a stop.

Ralf makes his stop.

As does Coulthard.

It's a McLaren 1/2 at the moment, shades of 1998.

Trulli stops.

Burti is running very well in 7th place, chasing Olivier Panis.

Coulthard is giving Hakkinen a run for his money though.

While Michael is catching Juan Pablo.

Schumacher is going to have a look...

Montoya keeps the position though.

Irvine is in a very good 7th, and he's already made a stop.

Villeneuve lines up Frentzen.

And he's gone through!

Turn 1 has seen a good bit of racing this afternoon, and it's about to see some more!

Schumacher passes Montoya! Fantastic!

Further back though, a colour blind Tarso Marques obviously can't see that he's being lapped! Alesi has bumped him up the backside - there's going to be a big discussion about that!

Hope that hasn't done too much damage to the Prost, he's locked up going into turn 3.

Michael Schumacher is driving an absolute storm, he's catching the McLarens at quite a rate of knots.

Schumacher enters the pits! A second stop for the Ferrari, the rest have done one stop. Time will tell if this costs him or gains him a good position.

McLaren are still out in front.

Action between Heidfeld and Frentzen!

Heidfeld is off!

And he's pulled out in front of David Coulthard! Coulthard will be enraged!

Oh dear, Irvine's had a spin...

He's gained 12th due to someone making a pit stop, but Villeneuve is right behind him.

He's still right behind him...

Not anymore. Villeneuve is up to 12th.

Schumacher has gone off! A dramatic development - this is blowing it for Michael Schumacher!

And speaking of blown...


And out - another one! I know it says 159.8 MPH, but that Arrows of Enrique Bernoldi is definitely doing a big fat duck egg.

Now look at this, quite a traffic jam developing here.

Mazzacane gets well out of the way. But look!

Ralf is being badly held up! Mazzacane is unable to let them all through in time!

Michael Schumacher passes his brother for 4th place!

Is that a Williams?! It's Montoya!

He's off! Michael Schumacher could find himself up to 3rd place if he keeps pushing with under 10 laps to go!

Meanwhile, Panis and Alesi are getting feisty with each other.

He loses out to Panis, and is in danger to losing out to Burti as well.

And he does so. Bad luck, Jean.

It's a race for closers, Coulthard is closing on Hakkinen but he can't do anything yet - no team orders at McLaren.

But Schumacher has closed the gap to Montoya!

He's having a go on the start finish straight!



Michael Schumacher passes Juan Pablo Montoya, asserting his dominance and giving the new boy in school something to think about!

That's Honda engine in Panis' BAR smoking.

He doesn't seem to be stopping...

BUT RALF SCHUMACHER DOES! No points for him! Thank you and goodnight Ralfie!

And there goes the stricken BAR, past Ralf Schumacher's Williams and oh how awful he will feel after making that error!

Panis' car has finally come to a stand-still, what a scruffy race the Frenchman has had.

But here is Mika Hakkinen, double world champion, starting his final lap. The Williams twam were thought to be untouchable but it was McLaren at the end of the day who where the ladies and gentlemen to beat.

Mika Hakkinen exits the final corner...

And Mika Hakkinen wins the 2001 Australian Grand Prix! Coulthard finishes 2nd - what an unbelievable result for McLaren! Marvellous!

Frentzen finishes behind them on the track but 6th in the standings.

Michael Schumacher finishes 3rd after an incredible drive to pass both the Williams!

Juan Pablo Montoya will be disappointed to finish 4th after a fantastic run in pre-season and in qualifying.

Trulli makes it a double points finish for the Jordan team, a very good result indeed.


FASTEST LAP: David Coulthard - 1:27.816



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McLaren drivers delighted with current form
Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard were said to be very happy with the car this year, Hakkinen said during the press conference "The car feels very, very good, yes. Much improvement over last years car, which gives us a good chance of winning some more races." Coulthard concurs with this statement, saying "The grip and the power of the Mercedes engine is just fanastic, I really felt at one with the car during the Grand Prix."

Williams disappointed with result
After a 1-2 in qualifying, Williams asked for more than a 4th place finish and a DNF for their drivers. Montoya failed to finish on the podium and Ralf's mistake near the end of the race cost the team more valuable points. Team principal MBKF1 was seen scratching his head after the race, and subsequently retired to his hotel.

Drivers warned over dangerous driving
Several on track incidents led to warnings being handed out to Jordan's Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Minardi's Tarso Marques and Sauber's Nick Heidfeld. Jordan team principal SynGamer was said to be very unhappy with his driver's antics, while Jean Alesi was very vocal about the behaviour of Tarso Marques, furiously stating "The way he is driving is unacceptable, it is dangerous and extremely rude and he should know to get out of the way with blue flags." As this is their first warnings, two more could lead to a race ban for the three suspects.

Minardi team boss criticised for driver comments
The new Minardi team boss Platy has come under fire for comments made about certain drivers. In the run up to pre-season testing, he made a mock announcement stating he had signed Arrows' Jos Verstappen's son, Max, to their "young driver programme". Jos Verstappen stated "He can make personal comments if he wants to - I'll knock him out." Max Verstappen was not available for comment. He made further comments about Benetton's Mark Webber, mocking his poor form in pre-season, but Webber declined to comment as he felt he "didn't need to comment on the thoughts of a crackpot team principal from the back of the grid". These sentiments are not echoed from within the Minardi garage - one mechanic even remarking "he's mad craic".

Kimi Raikkonen cleared of injury
Kimi Raikkonen did not have the debut he expected - a major accident during the race cost the Finn a potential 5th place in the Sauber. Although Raikkonen calmly stepped out of his car, he was sent to the medical centre for a check up where the doctors found no issues with the 21 year old's physical well being, and should be fine to race the next Grand Prix in Malaysia. Talking to the press afterwards Kimi said; "bwoahwellitsdisappointingyouknowwewerein

All managers were active. No warnings given.

(PMs are being sent for the Malaysian Grand Prix. Deadline is Friday 23rd of September)
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Michael Schumacher has come out on top again in practice with his brother Ralf close behind them. Williams have gone fastest again over McLaren but Sauber are looking particularly strong; both drivers in the top 10. BAR's Anthony Davidson was particularly impressive, outpacing his more experienced World Champion teammate Jacques Villeneuve. The bottom half of the field is mainly the same story as before.

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Michael Schumacher has taken pole position as he threatened to all weekend, in a session marred by torrential rain. Hakkinen lines up second while the Williams are down in 4th and 6th despite being in what some consider the best car on the grid. One of the drivers to take advantage of the appalling conditions is Jean Alesi, who in a severely underpowered and underdeveloped Prost was 8th fastest. Sauber will be disappointed to start only 10th and 14th after a promising practice session.

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  • Moderator
Is there a chance you could possibly make an album of images and we can click on the URL if we wish? Because I've got the same as the others, my new wifi at uni is a pile of crap and it loads one image every second or so. 
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Race has been run and won, will write up the report later on tonight. I don't really know how to do an album of the images and write the report at the same time though. What I'll probably do is just post the screenshots as links rather than images, so I can still upload the images and write the summary easily, but any suggestions are welcomed with both my obviously tanked up and muscular arms. 
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Mexicola said:
Race has been run and won, will write up the report later on tonight. I don't really know how to do an album of the images and write the report at the same time though. What I'll probably do is just post the screenshots as links rather than images, so I can still upload the images and write the summary easily, but any suggestions are welcomed with both my obviously tanked up and muscular arms. 
How about a seperate thread just for each race? That way we can still use this as the main update and chatting thread, but each race is seperate and we don't have to worry about the images slowing down the main thread.
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This is one of those times where circumstances has led me to only post the results for this race, for a number of reasons;
  1. It's Tuesday when I really could have uploaded this on Sunday
  2. I don't have time the rest of the week to do it due to other commitments.
  3. Apart from Montoya tagging Hakkinen up the backside while leading and a few people going off on the first few laps, the race was fairly uneventful.
  4. Imgur is acting up on me.
  5. Prefer to have consensus on how to upload the reports for each race.
How about a seperate thread just for each race? That way we can still use this as the main update and chatting thread, but each race is seperate and we don't have to worry about the images slowing down the main thread.
I don't know, it would flood the OT with race report threads eventually and I really don't want to do that.

So without further ado, eat this little pie right here.


It was dry. Ralf Schumacher wins. Good job.


FASTEST LAP: Juan Pablo Montoya - 1:36.641



PMs will be sent out tomorrow.
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  • Moderator
Yeeeeeaaaah Williams 1-2!

I would personally not like to have multiple race threads. As Mex said, I think it would just clog up the forum a bit, and having it all in here does work well. It would just be handy having all the images available in one album, accessible by a URL.
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Considering our overall pace, I'm quite happy with points in each race. Will need to decide if our focus is on qualifying and grid position, or overall pace. Might have to give Zonta a chance if Trulli doesn't start running better.
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PMs are being sent out now.  Deadline is Friday, 7th of October.

So what's the consensus on the report format? I think linking to the photos isn't great because you have to click them for a separate tab, and I either have no idea how to do photo albums with imgur or it looks like a massive pain in the ass because I'd have to do it quite a bit differently in how I upload photos and structure everything. I suppose if you just wanted to post/read comments, you could just tell the browser to stop loading the images by clicking where your refresh button is.

Also, if any of you are going "wait the performance bonus aren't adding up wtf mex", I made some colossal cockups with them while writing the PMs for Malaysia. This time I took the base perfs of each driver and added the bonuses after. No idea what happened last time, maybe I was drunk. Or high. Or tired. Or stupid.
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Williams are on top in a rain affected first practice. A fairly standard session, however is sees McLaren, Arrows and Sauber the teams to benefit most from it as their drivers set the closest times.

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