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(PC) Issue with Texture Streaming


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My system: Windows 10 (64bit), 16Gb DDR3, i7 4970k@4.4Ghz, MSI GTX 970, Logitech G27, 3x23" monitors in nSurround@5790x1080

The game was patched today (5th Sept), but the problem was present previously.

I have had many issues running this game, with CTD when loading tracks.  After much messing about with settings, I have finally found that Texture Streaming must be set to Medium.  Any higher and it will definitely crash.  This issue does not seem to go away even if I use a single screen resolution.  I can have every other setting at Ultra or High and the game runs fine.

Can I assume that Texture Streaming takes up more VRAM, and could the odd memory architecture of the GTX 970 be causing this crash?  If anyone else is experiencing similar CTD's try lowering the Texture Streaming.  You MUST restart the game before this setting takes effect (the game does warn you).

I would like to know if this is purely a VRAM limitation, or if there is another issue, as I feel that a 970 should be able to handle this game with little difficulty, and I wonder how much graphical fidelity I am missing out on with the setting stuck on Medium.
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