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21:9 possible on 16:9 monitor ?

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I am running Grid Autosport game on a single 1980 x 1080 monitor. I was looking at a youtube racing video of another game on ultra wide monitor and the extra viewing space really adds to the feeling of speed and awareness. This video viewed full screen on my screen gives black stripes due to difference in aspect ratio.

I was wondering if is it possible to override and have a similar aspect ratio of 21:9 on my 16:9 monitor with black stripes but without stretching ? The end resolution will be 1980 x 810. 

Asking for help as I have no modding experience.

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Thanks a lot GJ77. Your tip worked. 

I am using 560ti. Created a custom res of  1920 x 810 in nvidia control panel and it is automatically picked in game. No 21:9 ratio is available in game. So,  selected 16:9 and voila... it worked. Although this might be stretching vertical pixels as there are no black stripes here but it is some solution.

Only problem now is that this resolution switching will be required every time I enter the game as the desktop is squashed and is awkward :smile: . 

There is a radio button for aspect ratio in "Adjust desktop size and position" which brings things in place but adds the stripes I was expecting in game appear on desktop:blush: 

Any idea if it is possible to make some custom profile or settings to be applied only to the game.

And that previous screenshot was from Project cars. Another one in line to burn hours in :wink: 

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The game unfortunately has to run at the same resolution as desktop, at least on my PC (GTX 560) otherwise fubar things happen (wrong aspect ratios, stretched pixels, etc). I manually change my desktop resolution before playing, then put it back again afterwards.

In the game you should leave Aspect Ratio at Auto to get the correct view. So like this:

Nvidia Control Panel: 1920x810 desktop with "Aspect Ratio" scaling.

GRID Autosport: 1920x810 resolution with "Auto" aspect ratio.

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BTW I have noticed that some tracks suffer minor graphical problems at the sides of the screen when you go wider than 16:9, such as glitched shadows (only at the edges). It's minor and not too noticeable when driving because your attention is mostly dead ahead.

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 Thanks GJ77 for your prompt replies.

You are right about scaling settings. The desktop has to be scaled with black stripes and game set on Auto aspect or it won't make a difference, just stretching. I will test and try to find out if I am happy racing with this clipping or is it better go back to defaults.

Desktop needs to switched every time but I have the answer to my question.

Thanks again;)

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A straight away difference is feeling of high speed through passing elements by side. Initially it was more of looking at dials and be happy with kind of feeling. It already feels better on my 22" monitor.

It is surely a viable solution to anyone with a bigger monitor. I was thinking of buying an ultra wide monitor but was in doubt due to its usual support and price. Now I can go for a more standard one with bigger size.

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