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PC game hangs in random sessions


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I've just bought the game and played about 6 hours total. I have had 2 occurrences of the same issue whereby the game hangs mid session and I have to force a stop through task manager. Both times it has occurred (Race 2 Q3 & Race 3 FP1) it has persisted to hang at the same point when reloaded. I had to skip the Q3 session the first time around and the race was fine afterwards. This time (in P1 of the next race) I can do 7 laps or around 7 laps before it hangs. If I reload and go to FP1 again I can do about 7 laps again then it hangs.

The game updated today to the 1.3.1 patch and this is on PC.

Anyone else seeing this - or have any advice?
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