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"F1 2016 PC" AI Issues + Misc


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Noticed since the last patch 05/09  - maybe have existed before but not seen it......

Expert Level @ Sochi Full Race Weekend  (Career Mode using Renault)

AI cars driving side by side or seemingly stuck together while under blue flag conditions, once you pass the cars seem to unstick, else they tour around side by side, once the rest of the pack approaches from the rear they line up nice and orderly behind the two cruising around.

Post race showed that many cars crashed into safety car and either DNF, and many cars got penalty for being out of position, more than half the field were affected basically ruining the race experience.

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Skid Blending option is greyed out on my graphical options list, skidmarks at that time appeared not to be showing correctly, enabling it manually in the config file has shown skidmarks are now drawn correctly - will double check this observation again tomorrow - GTX970, tried various drivers to confirm no driver issue.

Idea for Speed Trap info placement - shown in pic attached, currently that info is missing for the player.....


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