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PS4 Patch Notes - 08/09/2016 - v1.4.0


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eddiegz said:
Swift747 said:
I just got a corrupt save after a Blue screen. 

Code 'masters' you're lucky PS4 back ups or I'd be refunding my game right now. 

Sort it out. The blue screens are ridiculous now. 
how do you back it up can i revert to an older version of patch?
no, it's a game save, not a patch. PS4 automatically backs up games to the cloud. 
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@jennyannem can you acknowledge the Multiplayer bug that has effectively removed damage? I'm playing right now and blew my front wing into smitherines and was able to go purple/drive like nothing had happened.

not cool.
Was not clear at the beginning but I have a lot of feedbacks from my mates saying the same: even serious damage to wings led to no real problems in driving fast :(
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