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This is an ideas recollection thread!

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hi to all tecno is back since i went down the last week! 

meanwhile i wait to fight again with the advisors of ea for some troubles what about if we make a thread where we can order and concentrate our ideas 

so then would be easier for admins/devs if they want to see them

after that we will make a poll over the most popular ones and well, codies will see if they are implemented or not? what do you think?


as a title post [IDEA]; [FIX]; OR [OPINION] so then would be easier to make the poll later, remember keeping the thread alive so then we can get to somewhere!

Here are mine ones!


-the damage expenses

-the white line penalty


-All ghosts for the first 15 seconds of the race to avoid crashes

-Fixing your car on the lobby instead after the race

-When waiting for players before the race(when you are on the start grid), put a okay mark to show who's ready

-Random grid start in public playlists 

-kick contravote(useful for friends)

-Skip the votation for when it got stuck 4 vs 5 and you have to wait till the end

-Expectate the events on progress so it doesn't get boring the waiting till the race ends

-Race MP cars on SP

-the button "Find races for my cars"

-A quick comm system for the ones who hasn't any mic (sorry, get out, good race, dirty)

-A car trade system (if possible)

well that's what i remember remember to add your ideas and lets try to get somewhere!

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