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2014 Pirelli Hungarian Grand Prix

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im not disagreeing with anything you say, the engine may have been fine, it may just be luck. but its continual and eventually Mercedes and lewis will have to look at themselves and ask why? sure you can compare it to rosbergs car, but its different prototype parts and different engineers assembling what is basically a one off car unique to that particular driver, some use different brakes, steering wheels, seats, seat heights as well as different driving styles, setup, gear ratios etc etc...its all very well blaming Mercedes but Lewis has to shoulder some of the responsibility as that's what teams do for each other, the way lewis spoke after the qualli showed how calm he was because he has the backing of the whole team they just need to work on the reliability collectively.

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I'm starting to know how the Vettel fans felt for the last 2 or so years. Witch-hunt against Nico. 
(Not having a go at Hamilton fans or anything in case it sounds like it).

This. The amount of hate Nico is getting on here is unbelievable. Not a dig at anyone here , just seems like Nico can do nothing right.

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