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Xbox one custom session search

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Hello everyone whats your option on this do you like it or not?

keep your comments peaceful. 

@jennyannem  hope this poll is ok with cm staff delete this post if not

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My opinions... 
It's not what we have asked for. We had the correct system in 2010-2014. How hard can it be to put it back in? It's the most requested feature for the last 2 years! A return of a feature that was already perfected!

As for this new 'search function'. 
- Search options are limited. I still cannot browse for a suitable lobby
- I cannot choose a track
- I cannot search for unassisted lobbies
- the search constantly brings back results for sessions that have already started. I'm not going to spectate a random race for 45 minutes and wait for them to finish, leave the lobby, new people to join and then start a new race... 
- the search only seems to put me in lobbies that are empty, or have 1 other player. With a lobby list I can browse for the most full lobby!!

Creating your own lobby.
- the options are limited
- I cannot select the track I want. I have to hope it pops up in 'random', my only other options are 'calendar greats' or 'wheel to wheel'. Why box them in? Why not just let me choose the track I want?
- in the time it's taken for me to browse this forum and create this post, I've been sat in a lobby with 1 other player. 25 minutes and 1 other player has joined. Isn't the search feature supposed to be dropping players in to my lobby? It's a 25% race with the most generic settings. Surely 90% of players online right now are searching for those settings?

CM, just put the old style system back in, for heavens sake!

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It's pointless it needs more search parameters such as assists/no assists it's really not any different from what was already there it's just dressed differently.

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