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Nvidia Experience issues


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Good to hear!

Just FYI if you want to play DR in the mean time:(well you can but if you want to use your wheel or gamepad which's undetected because of GE)
Beta Release (before 3.x):

Kill Nvidia Network Service.

Go to task manager, select Services tab, right click and Disable. Kill the process with same name too.

Stable 3.x:
Kill process named Nvidia Wireless Controller Service.

You can also rollback to previous version (even though it forces update, but that can be disabled):
Delete 3.x
Download archive release of 2.xxxx
Install it, run - it will open a dialog for updating - don't click anything and kill the Geforce Experience process.
Go to your system drive and path which usually is:

C:\Program Data\Nvidia Corporation Remove or rename file setup.exe.

Now run the Geforce Experience again - the update dialog will not popup.
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After 3 months and a lot of messages and e-mails to the codemasters "support", they erased for a second time my online profile on racenet !!!! and they didn't fix it !!!
More of that they don't answer me because there is 0 codemasters support team, they do not care about you, their curstomers.

They only want to try fixing problems in dirt4 but they will NEVER fix problems in Dirt Rally !!!
The only way to punish it is to boycot Dirt 4 !
When Dirt 4 will be out you will have a very poor support, and we must NOT accept this !!!

We must be solidary drivers !
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EricSway said:

Why don't you help this member called TiBoSu7 ?
Thank you for your answer, no answer will mean that Codemasters don't care about us and don't read nor try to solve our problems.

Nice multi-account game you have going on, prepare to get double-banned.

Are you sure you want to play ???!!!
Continue banning and socials will show your name...

All we want is the support to do their job, helping players and fixing their errors !!!!

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