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Brake settings


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Hi peeps,
I've got some problems with braking and I was wondering if someone could provide me with some decent settings.
I've got a T300 with the t3pa pedals including the brake mod. I'm driving without any assist and I want to keep it that way. So no abs etc..
The problem I've got is that  in locking my brakes too much and way too fast... The pedals are too sensitive Imo. They are locking up way before I even touch the rubber of the brake mod(half pedal travel ) I've tried changing the brake lin but it isn't helping that much. I've tried 30/50/70/100 but I'm not getting the results I'm looking for. When I change it (30/50/100) i can't brake as late as I see a lot of guys doing on YouTube (pad users...)

So, what can I do? is it just me who's having these problems? all help is appreciated
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I think I remember seeing a thread where they were having issues with some pedals because it was not registering the full travel because of the mod.  I have those same pedals without the mod and it works great... so maybe google on here and ask if there is going to be a way to fix that mod.

One thing I would try also is to bring up the thrustmaster control panel and make sure that you full press in each pedal there and make sure you are seeing full travel.  That is how it calibrates it.

Something though with the code and the mod it seems like.
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I use the t3pa pro pedals with the conical brake mod and it works great for me.
I have it set so that there isn't much pedal travel before it touches the rubber stop because I like my brake to be hard with a more realistic feel.
I'm on Xbox with a TX and to make sure the pedals are calibrated I do the following.
.Turn on the Xbox
.At the dashboard I plug in my wheel and let it run through the auto calibration.
.Then fully press and release the brake and throttle pedals 3 times (this calibrates the pedals).
.Once in game I go into the advanced steering settings and adjust the brake saturation slightly usualy to around 5 until I can just about hit 100% brake if I press hard enough.

After this for adjusting wheel lock up I play around with the brake pressure in the car setup screen. 
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Thanks for the feedback guys. I've been playing with the tips you gave me, but i'm still not happy with the results.
I've set lin to 0 and changed the sat(5) and brake pressure from 80 to 60, still no luck. If i go lower than 70 i'm missings the apex.
I'm doing something wrong cos your getting good results with the pedals etc. I was wondering on which level you're playing career mode and what laptimes you did on Melbourne?

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Expert mode for me mate, not good enough for legend or ultimate at the moment.
I drive in cockpit view with no assists and my best times on Melbourne so far are around 1:26.8 on supersofts. I can get faster times using t-cam and an Xbox pad but I like realism so don't use it.
Also have my brake pressure around 75-80%
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Schu said:
I can get faster times using t-cam and an Xbox pad but I like realism so don't use it.
This part is worrying me.. I know that it's easier to drive with a pad... The world upside down i.m.o. You should be faster with a wheel period. I know that f1 games had a history with this problem, but I was hoping they did a better job with this one.

Does anyone know a guy (youtuber) who's capable to do the career mode with a wheel on ultimate? Or who's matching the TT times at the top with no assist? I see a lot of peeps on the leaderboards with assist turned on. imo the TT should be with all assist off, but that's another discussion. The fastest time on ps4 at Melbourne is a 1:23.(something) Im about 2 sec slower atm.. The last f1 game I've played was 2013, so I know have to get used to this 8gear Nm beasts. Yes, I can do career mode on a lower level, but I don't get my fix with that. I feel very inconsistent with the pedals, so I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem. I don't want to give up on this game, but atm assetto corsa gives me my fix I'm looking for...

Maybe I'm all wrong about this 'problem' and I just need to practice more to compete. So don't be afraid to give me some critical feedback:)


Ps: forgot to mention that I'm not here to criticize on this game. I'm just trying to understand what's going on. I think cm did a pretty good job with this F1 game.

Edit:useless info

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After posting I went to yt and apparently I'm not the only one. I'm having the same problem as these guys.

^^You can see that the car stops about 1,5 car length further than with a pad... it's not slowing down as fast compared with a pad(his comments doesn't match with what we are seeing imo)

^^The problem in general..

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There is a piece of software called DXTweak2 that might help a bit. I've looked at it but haven't really tested it. It is a joystick tool and it allows you to set curves for the pedals, so you might be able to change it so it moves gently on initial press with a gradual increase. 
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I have the same wheel on PS4. After playing around with the settings in game, I decided to check for updates and it has changed the entire wheel for the better. Mine was out of date but ever since I updated, it has been a dream to drive - all my settings can now remain on zero. 

Check here - you have to plug it into your PC


In addition, check this video out. Good information about the settings.


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I think here you are talking more about ABS on versus just pad users. I run on pad no assists and I brake way early compared to the faster TT guys who have ABS on.

From speaking with other league racers, pad may have better low speed traction (but horrible turning ability below 50mph) and wheel excels in fast direction change chicanes, long duration turns. Also, you don't destroy the tyres as fast on wheel.

The balance seems to be pretty good, the problem as I see it is there are some godlike pad users and a lot of wheel users expect to be as fast as them, regadless of how much time these guys have put into tuning a setup, learning a track. Because you know, it's a wheel that cost more than the pad peasants, it can never be that someone is just average and shouldn't expect to be in the top 50. I feel like some expect to jump in TT and load another person's setup and go that fast, without understanding why the setup may have worked for the other user. There are many more pad users than wheel so the likelihood is for every wheel user in TT there probably 5 pad users. For every no assists user there are 5 assist users. So it's bound to look like pad and assists is always faster when really there are just more people racing with that setup.

I wonder if we could compile the 10 fastest...

Assisted Pad users
Assisted Wheel users

Unassisted Pad users
Unassisted Wheel users

...for a few given tracks, would be good to have sector times too and see whats what.

For tracks how about Monza and Catalunya? Let's get some me real data.

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For me pad and t-cam is a fair bit faster as it's much easier to balance the throttle & brake and see the apex etc..
With pad and t-cam (no assists) around Australia
I'm over a second quicker than with my TX/T3PA Pro and F1 rim but I've been putting the deficit down to the fact I'm new'ish to the wheel and was always a pad/cockpit view/no assists racer back in the old days and obviously it takes some practice to learn the differences.
So far though in my experience pad/t-cam is faster/easier than wheel/cockpit.
No way I'm going back though, don't care if I'm slower one bit. Pad may be faster but simulation/immersion/realism > TT Leader board times :)

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