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Disconnected players cars do not ghost

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@bomb our league is running beautifully with no issues other than this AI thing. Our 3rd race is in 2 weeks and is in china. I believe we managed it in Bahrain, we can do so in China if the patch goes that late

thanks for the tip but no need to stop anything

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Issue is when a player disconnects (not retire) AI takes control and completes the race (even do pit stops :smile: )
those AI run slow, move out if your way on straights but in corners is where issue happens. They should be ghosted or even stay for couple of laps so that player can rejoin then retire if player does not rejoin

first race no one disconnected 
second race only 1 from 18 drivers disconnected and his car continued to the end. He disconnected himself, no game or connection issue

it is manageable with online being stable.

our request is ghost those AI and keep them for 2-3 laps for player to rejoin then retire them if he does not. That's it

it becomes major in monaco and singapore (overtaking is impossible)

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