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A silver lining? Hopefully.

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That maybe just maybe all of the fixes for this game will take just long enough to weed out more of the idiots, from online play. Because all they seem to care about is ruining our fun. And hopefully the game will be a lot closer to the expectations that most reasonable people have for it. And all of the wreckers, griefers and just overall buttholes will go play Grand Theft of Duty 46 and leave us alone. So maybe some fixes take just long enough to scare them all off. 

I would gladly give up a little morw time for these dummies to leave this game to all of us that actually have some fun playing cleanly and racing each other win or lose. Or some of the guys that enjoy smashing people will find out that getting better at playing the game is more fun than trying to be a nuisance. 

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That might be a "silver lining" if I hadn't already paid full price for a game that doesn't work now.

I didn't hand over my money (knowingly) for the mere possibility of a game that might or might not work at some unknown future point in time, if & when they ever decide to patch it.

Pay now = play now ...If game-breaking defects mean I have to wait to play until critical issues are fixed, then I shouldn't have been charged money up-front for it.

I understand that the point of your post is to try to "look on the bright side" & make the best of a bad situation. I'm certainly not attacking you or the idea. I personally just don't have such positive outlook on it. 

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