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Game dont save commands

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Is it only me or it happend to others ?

I set remap of wheel commands in Grid Autosport and next time I play I have to remap everything again.

I thought it was because I was starting the game with the controler then switched to wheel.

Today I started maping controler with same buttons I'm using on wheel. No luck

It does the same, refress to default everytime I start the game, both wheel and controler commands.

And weird part is that it does not want to map camera change to L2 (why ???)

On a CSR Elite wheel it work, can map it to L2, bit not on controler.

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With the time I found out that if I want to keep buttons mapped for the wheel, I must ALWAYS start the game with the wheel... Then I'm fine.
The day I forget and start game with controler, maping is lost.
Wish it can help some wheels guys.

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