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Jupiter Eagleray - is it possible to have custom liveries?

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yeah agree , codies must add the possibility to get jupiter and to set your own livery on it.. the miss of this thing , its one of the reasons that almost none playes online the DD , which was one of the most famous modes in previous 2 grid games.. and about repair cost , it should not be, as the impact rating as well... :|

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Hehe, yeah you should be able to buy a Jupiter and put your own livery on it like all the other cars. That would be sweet and yes, impact ratings and repair bills should not apply to it. What would be even better would be the addition of the Holbrook Growler and the Lafayette Eulogy from DiRT Showdown so we'd have a selection of vehicles to pick from in DD.
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The guys I derby race with, told me Sunday they not happy with GRID Autosport derby racing. So They started up GRID 2 and I join them with my purple Jupiter. It to bad Codmasters will not fix the Detroit short track so laps will always count, after Codies mess up the lap count after the last patch that fix the cheating of checkpoints on the Detroit long track!


Still waiting for text chat, will it be in a patch soon?
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