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Skeinon said:
Hi all, 

Many many Thanks for the support of UDP telemetry the game now is really cool !!

Please support also Dirt Rally, in rally simulations or games, more then in others, i need a good view on the dashbord and a big gear indicator to race quickly.

i love receive UDP telemetry with Vdash EMU and SLIMax manager pro, simply the best i've tried.. fully configurable and with an incredible load of powerful features that i've never seen in others apps or solutions.
i have been able to make my dashboards using my own graphics and i've download dozens of really good templates from online users.

Those softwares are the best you can try... i cannot go backward. They charmed me.
download them

Thanks Skeinon.
All Codemasters titles on PS4/XBOX ONE will be supported as soon as they implement the new API. Our EMUlators are powered by SLIMax Manager Pro which support already more than 60 simulations or games. So we just need to do a Console Bridge for the new game and that's it!

Check VDASH-EMU in action on several simulations:

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Niki18 said:
Does the emu pushbuttons work on consoles or is it just a wet dream i have ? It's annoying in pcars, that us peasants have to go into pit, to adjust brake bias etc. And go out again with cold tires.
good question.
Unfortunately the MACRO (sequence of keystrokes) you attach to the buttonbox controls to drive the game are sent to the PC and not to the Console...
So this obviously works with PC version of the game but not through the Console Bridge
+XBOX ONE/SONY console SDK doesn't allow to simulate keystroke so a virtual bbox is nearly impossible on Console.

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Okay. Thanks for the answer. If Dirt Rally gets an update that allows the use of apps, then i'm going to get yours, because of all the different settings and details to be customized. But for now i have enough with Vdash app, Dashmeterpro and HUD dash - all three only for Project cars. A fourth is a bit overkill for only one game LOL
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Would it be possible to stream mirror data to your mobile now that UPD is activated. Would be cool to use your mobile/tablet as rear view mirror. I know there has been some testing done with Smartglass on Forza so it should be possible.
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